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You'll find quality corporate entertainment professional entertainers promoted in our on-line catalogues. Take a good look around our websites and see what we have to offer. Give us a call or contact us via the Contact Us page. We supply entertainers to venues worldwide for private parties and corporate events. Wherever you are holding an event - anywhere in the world - we will work with you for success. Contact us TODAY!

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@SpotOnEntertain Jul 20, 12:08

Best value days out for Manchester families this summer 2017

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 20, 11:17

Steve’s light and chatty touch with people and his skills have enhanced many #weddings, #birthdays, bat &...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 19, 15:44

As well as a #jazz set there is the option of #soul #partyclassics added for a Rachael Roberts second set. She...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 19, 14:16

For Definitely Oasis it is all about keeping the music and spirit of #Oasis alive. All of the band have years of...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 19, 14:00

LIZA BAKER has #lateavailability for this Saturday 22nd July 2017 for one of her #tributeshows or a show as...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 19, 12:08

Grenfell cladding ’14 times combustibility limit’ - BBC News

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 19, 01:02

Book A Tribute Act For Your Next Event | #BookATributeAct via @BookEntertainer

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 18, 12:08

Afghan Girl Robotics Team Competes After Visa Obstacles

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 17, 23:56

Mr Bean Look Alike | (aka Mr Asbean) Marketing via @YouTube @SpotOnEntertain

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 17, 23:52

Joey has had over 10 years experience performing all around the world. He spent 6 years in London performing in...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 17, 23:36

After touring venues with The #Detroits and as a solo guitar vocalist covering an array of styles, from #Elvis...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 17, 12:08

Spotify's Tuma Basa On Curating RapCaviar, What Not to Do When Pitching and Why He's No 'Gatekeeper'

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 16, 12:08

Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Will Smith confirmed to star in Aladdin

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 16, 11:10

Patelvis #IndianElvis North West is available for #restaurant bookings across #Manchester, #Ashton, #Wigan,...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 15, 22:53

Lareena Mitchell | Adele The Tribute (covers) professional #Adeletribute #singer via @YouTube @SpotOnEntertain

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 15, 14:12

Tina Sparkle | #WelshDragQueen | #LadiesNight | #BookAnEntertainer - end of year dates now via @SpotOnEntertain

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 15, 12:08

A lot of people sneered at the idea of a 'trendy' Chapel Street...

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 15, 11:28

Alan Fullard | Pot Of Gold - poignant song reflecting life via @YouTube @SpotOnEntertain

Bye Bye Baby Theatre Show Promotion (covers) for all venues

Dusty Springfield Tribute Show for private clients and all venues

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