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You'll find quality corporate entertainment professional entertainers promoted in our on-line catalogues. Take a good look around our websites and see what we have to offer. Give us a call or contact us via the Contact Us page. We supply entertainers to venues worldwide for private parties and corporate events. Wherever you are holding an event - anywhere in the world - we will work with you for success. Contact us TODAY!

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@SpotOnEntertain Feb 26, 11:08

Delray Beach: Raonic through to first final since Wimbledon after Del Potro win

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 23:07

Kalashnyk Brothers Hand To Hand Balance #Ukraine artistic duo perform unique feats in their show.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 22:15

He continues to produce #portraits for his personal collection as well as private commissions

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 21:54

#EllieGouldingTribute #Singer Gilda Kristian is a refreshing new act to consider for 'live' events.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 21:30

Check out Southern Style by #DariusRucker via @SpotOnEntertain

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 21:11

Nicole Pearson award winning #aerialartiste combines #cloudswing, #aerialsilks, #trapeze for high end events.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 20:18

Carrie Ann #Burlesque #DitaVonTeesetribute presents a tribute to superstar Dita Von Teese #showgirl

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 19:59

Colin Stevens #cabaretsinger #musician first class professional #onemanband entertainer performer.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 19:31

#DeniseVanOutenLookalike #fitnessinstructor Lydia Bailey uncanny likeness to star Denise Van Outen

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 19:19

David Jonson has a powerful versatile voice well suited to all styles and a wide mixture of styles

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 19:06

Check out Riding Shotgun by RebeccaHosking via @SpotOnEntertain

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 25, 11:08

Ricky Gervais Humanity tickets sell out like hot cakes AGAIN

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 24, 11:09

Radio station that helped launch Blossoms is fighting to survive

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 23, 11:08

Top 10 Classical Music Moments in Cinema

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 22:44

There is always the feature of an outstanding and market leading singer to deliver that classic #Bond title track

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 19:44

Mad Hatters #Circus characters include ‘The Tweedels’ who perform comedy slapstick

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 19:25

Secret Strings have an emphasis on playing live. The backing tracks are recorded live

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 17:46

In 2007 Panagiota Tentzou met Vassilis “Blue” Sotiriou and became the voice of the Blue Rose.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 17:08

This trio has performed at #wedding receptions in #France and the #UK and is always in demand.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 16:42

From dances with castanets to rumbas like “Gipsy Kings” or “Macarena”. A traditional and sophisticated show

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 15:15

In November 2012 he performed at the #AbuDhabi Grand Prix for guests on board a private yacht.

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 15:11

2 Much 2 Young will perform an authentic set of #ska classics hits from the last 40 years

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 22, 11:08

No, your cat isn't making you crazy

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 21, 11:08

Win UNLIMITED rides at the Museum of Science and Industry's Victorian fairground

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 20, 11:08

There is such thing as a FREE zoo - here's where

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 19, 11:08

Ricky Gervais

@SpotOnEntertain Feb 18, 11:08

Education systems are failing our kids, so how can we prepare them for the jobs of the future?

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