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You'll find quality corporate entertainment professional entertainers promoted in our on-line catalogues. Take a good look around our websites and see what we have to offer. Give us a call or contact us via the Contact Us page. We supply entertainers to venues worldwide for private parties and corporate events. Wherever you are holding an event - anywhere in the world - we will work with you for success. Contact us TODAY!

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@SpotOnEntertain Apr 26, 17:44

Scoop Magic Events Close Up Talent Magician | Spot On Entertainment

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 26, 17:18

Zoe Alexander Pink Tribute South Wales Event | Spot On Entertainment

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 26, 17:17

Zoe Alexander Pink Tribute South Wales Event | Spot On Entertainment

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 26, 17:04

Jamie Ashton Michael Buble Sam Smith Tribute | Spot On Entertainment

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 26, 12:08

How to get priority tickets to Disney On Ice coming to Manchester

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 25, 12:09

GPs failing estimated 32,000 cancer patients

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 24, 12:08

Two wins at a high price - Juan Mata

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 23, 00:08

American Airlines has suspended a flight attendant over this video

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 22, 12:08

How Pearl Mackie got the Doctor Who gig

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 21, 12:08

The Guardians of the Galaxy tease their Avengers: Infinity War appearance

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 20, 12:09

#HackTheHub Returns. Are you ready to #HackTheHub this Spring?

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 19, 12:08

General election: Labour MPs will not require re-selection - BBC News

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 18, 12:08

Londoners work '100 hours a year more than rest of the UK - BBC News

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 17, 12:08

Click here to support Leigh Hits Ctrl+Alt+Del on MS organized by Leigh McBride

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 16, 13:01

“Limited dates available on Aly Cook mid-2017 UK / European Tour). Ask for details. Check a date today!”

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 16, 12:44

Aly Cook enquiries invited. Calling Festival Organisers and Club Bookers. Limited dates available on mid-2017 UK /…

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 16, 12:08

The fascinating stories behind the names of some of Manchester's oldest pubs

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 15, 12:08

41 Lead Magnets that Simply Fill Up Your Email List with Leads

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 15, 03:40

Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites via @wordfence

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 14, 13:01

Gary Barlow Lookalike, Dan Hadfield, lead singer with UK's Number 1 Take That tribute band, Totally Take That:…

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 14, 12:08

This is what the Earth will look like in 100 years — if we're lucky

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 14, 09:57

50 Cent Lookalike popular for bookings and contracts UK:

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 13, 21:09

Impersonator and Ricky Gervais lookalike of David Brent / Ricky Gervais since The Office was first aired in the UK:…

@SpotOnEntertain Apr 13, 17:51

Kelvin Nicholas performs pubs and clubs, holiday parks, restaurants, entertaining at weddings.…

Bye Bye Baby Theatre Show Promotion (covers) for all venues

Dusty Springfield Tribute Show for private clients and all venues

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